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Maddog Cover The Adventures of
Maddog Williams
Vol. 1, In the Dungeons of Duridian
Full Size Cover
Cover Art Copyright 1989
Darren Albertson
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It's Not Just a Quest, It's an Adventure!
Screen Captures From Original Packaging
Visit Distant Exotic Kingdoms | Match Wits With Mystic Creatures | Learn the Secrets of the Ancients
Battle Against Formidable Foes | Overcome Insurmountable Odds | Escape Impending Doom

Go with Maddog as he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime! Travel with him as he learns of the evil swiftly approaching his quiet village. Help him rescue the beautiful Princess Leoria and free her father King Thaylor. Help him vanquish the Evil Serak and restore peace to the lands of Duridian.

Laugh your way through the toughest adventure you'll ever love.

"A fantastic debut from what must be regarded as a stylish and knowledgeable software house that understands the public's demands." - Review STA

"Maddog Williams is an endearing game, and we found it to be a very rewarding experience. If you like adventure, take a look at Maddog Williams!" - Gantry Gappmayer, Quill Publishing

[Text and reviews from the original packaging, (c)1992]

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